The prospect of the national standard spiral

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The thermal insulation material of the national standard spiral tube is the best polyurethane in the world. The polyurethane rigid foam has a pivotal position due to its extremely low thermal conductivity and convenient production. It plays a major role in energy conservation. In the northwestern part of China, there are many transportation pipelines such as oil pipelines, central heating pipelines, and water pipelines. In addition, the most suitable insulation method is polyurethane. There are many kinds of insulation materials on the market. Polyurethane-based insulation products can make consumers look at the time. The average consumer cares about the price. We can start from the market price of polyurethane direct buried insulation pipe and integrate the overall market. According to the development trend of the polyurethane insulation tube diesel generator set, the price of the direct buried insulation tube has been greatly reduced, which is undoubtedly good news for consumers.